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Make a virtual trip around the one of the most magical islands of Greece. It is a barren, rocky island just opposite a volcano, with black and red beaches and towns situated on high cliffs offering breathtaking views and fantastic sunsets.

Santorini has a dramatic wild beauty as opposed to lush and green islands. The volcano is still active, and the last eruption was in 1950, causing an earthquake that destroyed many villages on the island.

The island's official name is Thira and its main town, Fira, is also the capital of the Cyclades islands. Over 75 stunning, colorful photos Use any screensaver image as your desktop background Select between 50+ interruptible transitions Activate the animated snowflakes and sepia tone special effects Adjust image caption location, font, color, size, and style Choose the display order and how long to show each picture Sticky note function allowing you to leave an on-screen message while you are away from your computer Image sharpening and resembling for the highest quality display on any screen resolution Support for Windows password protection, energy savings, and multi-monitor Ability to control and configure your desktop wallpaper and all your screensavers directly from the system tray.

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